Restoring Lives,

Rebuilding Generations

Our Mission:

Raffa has faithfully served the families of Hunt County and the surrounding areas since 2000. Our mission has always been to meet a woman's physical needs first, and then her spiritual needs. Many times in scripture we see Jesus feeding, healing or clothing someone so they could in turn hear the spiritual truth he wanted to impart.

Raffa's new Family Center will be a safe haven for women and families to feel safe to being to address healing from cycles of abuse, addiction, and poverty. Families will find a personal and customized plan to help educate and equip them to rebuild and begin living life abundantly.

Raffa is the only facility of its kind in Hunt County and the surrounding counties and has provided care to over 11.000 families in our years of service. So many times women have come to us in an unplanned pregnancy and said, "If only...this...then I would keep the baby and not abort."

Our goal with this new branch of ministry is to help her overcome or obtain her "this" so that she sees a positive future for her child and herself. We believe that by providing a way to remove the barriers that would push a woman to choose abortion, we work to create a culture where abortion is unthinkable in the lives of those we serve.

Our Board of Directors embarked on this new campaign in 2019 to raise $530,000 for this new facility. This capital campaign was to purchase a 5000 sq. ft. building on Oneal Street in Greenville and the full remodel and furnishing of the project. All of the current education, life skills, counseling and mentoring services Raffa provides will be moved to this new location.

Through this campaign, Raffa is reaching out to the North Texas area and Raffa supporters to seek the generous support necessary for this expansion of services. Construction has already begun and 64% of the costs have already been pledged.